Special Solutions for Special Requirements

Architectural conditions and special requirements from architects and developers demand special solutions. As an expert partner and carpet specialist, ANKER also has the right solution for the most complex requirements and wishes. Recyclable carpets made from solution-dyed fibres, magnetic and climate tiles, carpets given the special backing finish SonicWave for sound absorption and carpets for hospitals are just a few of the special solutions. ANKER also offers its customers the option to have individual patterns developed by in-house designers.

Solution-Dyed - The Ultimate Carpet Fibre

Carpets composed of solution-dyed fibres are particularly suitable for use in areas that are subject to extremely heavy soiling. The dye is already added to the fibres ineradicably during fibre production and not – as was the custom previously – applied to fibres externally by dyeing them. The quality of solution-dyed fibres can be compared to that of a candle that is dyed all the way through – in contrast to a candle that is only coloured on the outside and white inside.

Carpets from solution-dyed fibres are:

  • able to withstand chlorine-based, disinfectant cleaning agents
  • absolutely colourfast
  • especially durable
  • extremely hard-wearing
  • able to disguise dirt thanks to their special fibre cross-section
  • resistant to UV radiation and yellowing
  • quick to recover from indentations

Where environmental protection and saving of resources is concerned, carpets made from solution-dyed fibres are also advantageous. As they are dyed during manufacture, there is no need for the otherwise usual wet-dyeing processes afterwards. This results in substantial savings in industrial and waste water. As the heating of dyeing ranges is now dispensed with, there are also considerable savings in energy consumption. ANKER currently manufactures around 50% of its overall production from solution-dyed fibres.