It’s no secret that flooring is the first thing you notice when you walk into a room. A dirty and badly maintained floor is an even easier spot! Flooring is the one thing that needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. We all know the implications of a dirty flooring – it can be off putting and create a negative image on clients, office staff or prospecting customers. However, the problem designers are facing are the constantly changing trends in flooring. Woven Flooring is one such trend.

Woven vinyl flooring is becoming widely used in premier locations. These include airport lounges, high-end retail stores, corporate offices and even some educational institutes. As the usage increases, cleaning regimes also need to adapt. However it’s not as difficult or time consuming as it seems. This blog will take you through the simple steps and the reasons why Dickson Woven Vinyl is the ideal choice when it comes to the aesthetics and practicality.

As mentioned above, flooring is subject to a variety of traffic, which causes the flooring to get dirty quicker, and companies will spend a lot of money in cleaning but still not achieve optimum results. The solution can be found in our INTRAweave Dickson range, who have matured their proposition in the industry with over 180 years of experience in creating truly stunning woven products. Their expertise lies in the innovative weave technology which not only makes the product highly aesthetic but also incredibly practical.

Dickson Woven flooring has excellent flame resistance. Our products have been successfully tested and certified in accordance with European (EN 13501-1) and American (ASTM E 648) fire safety standards. Moisture is not a problem for Dickson® flooring. It is waterproof, rotproof and ultra-stable. It is perfectly suitable for kitchens, bathrooms, etc. Even when exposed to intensive sunlight, Dickson Woven flooring retains its gorgeous original colours. These are just some of the advantages of using Dickson woven flooring.

Cleaning time is minimal. As with linoleum or tiling, basic cleaning can be done with a vacuum, broom and warm water mixed with a neutral detergent. Dickson® flooring was designed to resist stains by not absorbing liquids therefore making spills quicker and easier to clean

How can this achieved?

The magic lies in the exclusive assembly process used by Dickson. It guarantees total waterproof, dustproof and stainproof properties. The warp and weft yarns are heat-sealed together and assembled to the high strength foam backing while they’re still hot to prevent  any dirt or liquids from penetrating in between the fibres, keeping nasty dirt particles on the surface and making the clean-up a hassle free process. Click Here to view our maintenance video.

Woven Flooring Structure

We have carried out several spillage challenges that put the product through their paces, why not check them out here. Take design and creativity to the next level, make your flooring aesthetic and stunning but practical. Contact Intrasystems today and use Dickson Woven Flooring