Businesses spend a lot of money on high quality luxury woven flooring, and so it should be timeless and durable. As we mentioned in our previous blog, 43 percent of people notice the floor when they first walk into a building this means keeping it in the best condition is not only good for the aesthetics of the building but also the safety of its occupants.

The problem for flooring is that it’s in constant use, and it gets trafficked by wheels, heels and more. This can cause the flooring to wear quicker. If you are a facility like airports, hotels or commercial offices having worn flooring can be an eye sore and bring down the reputation. This means keeping them in the best shape is critical. Increasingly more and more architects and interior designers are experimenting with flooring in commercial buildings in order to help create a 21st century impression on staff, clients and other visitors One such growing trend in quality commercial flooring is the woven look. Intrasystems are proud to be the UK distributor of Dickson Flooring. The Dickson range combines remarkable durability of vinyl with the aesthetic appeal and texture of traditional carpeting.

However woven flooring comes with its own set of problems such as fraying. Fraying happens in woven vinyl flooring as this flooring is formed by the material being wrapped around polyester thread or fibreglass filament.  When the inside pokes through the vinyl, unsightly white strings sprout out.  This can happen anywhere but mostly happens at seams.  In Particular, the fibreglass filaments are difficult to remove, as they are hard to cut and can’t be burned. The FrayGuard® technology developed by Dickson minimises the common phenomenon of fraying when cutting the material and so boosts the durability of the weave. It guarantees clean-cut edges for fast, efficient and impeccable installation. Click here to view the installation video and see it working in action!

Dickson have matured their proposition in offering state-of-the-art woven flooring through the 180 years of experience gained in working within the most demanding sectors. It is this experience that has helped create a truly innovative product with so many different qualities.

Floors play a key role in the comfort of a room, and no company or commercial premises should be content with standard flooring. As mentioned above, the market space around high end commercial flooring is growing at a rapid rate, and manufacturers are working harder to make innovative floor finishes, so why waste that effort! Contact INTRAsystems for more information on INTRAweave to get a free sample or brochure and transform your workplace today.