With a name like Best of the Best it’s no secret they want their premises to look the best. Best of the Best employed subtle use of colour and interesting and innovative furnishing to create a 21C office for their staff. Woven Vinyl flooring by Dickson is one product that has an excellent application in corporate offices in creating a clean and crisp image. Best of the Best wanted to utilise this to their advantage and create truly stunning flooring to complement their brand new offices. As a result, they employed the help of INTRAsystems who are specialists in integrated flooring services to install the best flooring possible. Intrasystems used their premium woven product Dickson to offer a stunning Woven flooring solution.

Offices are usually very clean and hygienic environments and employers are looking to create offices which are both highly functional yet highly aesthetic. Installing Woven Flooring for Best of the Best was a great project one which utilised the Be Easy range. This range perfectly complemented the office environment with the colours and the patterns used.

By Using the Dickson range Best of the Best benefited from many advantages such as frayguard technology which makes installing the woven flooring easier and prevents it from coming apart. This can be a visual eye sore but Dickson have managed to prevent this from happening. Another benefit for Best of the Best for using Dickson was the soundguard feature which gives it excellent acoustic properties and ideal for office locations. Dickson woven flooring also carries the anti-slip and anti-static benefits that make it suitable for all locations.

Dickson’s experience in innovative weave technology combines the remarkable durability of vinyl with the aesthetic appeal and texture of traditional carpeting.

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