Installing flooring is a major decision one that requires a lot of thought. For a company like Samsung matching their brand and being of high quality was paramount. Samsung also wanted their flooring to be highly functional. Dickson woven flooring has been a growing player in the flooring industry. It has matured its proposition with years of experience operating in various sectors ranging from hospitality to travel to healthcare and corporate offices.

Offices are usually very clean and highly hygienic environments, the offices of Samsung wanted to make their staff feel like they are working in a safe yet luxurious environment. Installing Woven Flooring for Samsung was a great project one which utilised the Be Easy range. This range perfectly complemented the office environment with the colours and the patterns used.

Dickson woven flooring carries several advantages that make it suitable for any office environment. Some of advantages of the Dickson woven flooring are the fireproof qualities, which ensure the products comply with European and American fire safety standards. This is an important advantage for an office like Samsung where safety is number one priority. The Woven Flooring is also ideal for heavy use and carries a 33 classification.  This is the highest classification for textile flooring. The Dickson Woven Flooring is also equipped with ‘Colourfast’ technology which means that even with intensive sunlight Dickson flooring retains its gorgeous original colour.

For an office, the acoustics are also very important, with this in mind Dickson flooring has SoundGuard technology which improves comfort and noise absorption. As mentioned earlier the aesthetics are also paramount for a brand like Samsung the products should have a long life without degrading. With a unique Frayguard construction the interlocking weave will never come apart therefore increasing the longevity of the product and preventing the eyesore of a flimsy woven flooring – read out previous blog on this

Woven from revolutionary fibres, Dickson® Woven Flooring combines the remarkable durability of vinyl with the aesthetic appeal and texture of traditional carpeting.

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