According to CDI research, 43 percent of people look at the floors first when judging the building. This means that the flooring has a lasting impression on the end user. However, choosing the right flooring can be difficult, there are so many factors that need to be considered. For hotel facilities the aesthetic appeal of flooring cannot be underestimated, especially in reception areas where guests gain their first impressions of where they are about to stay. Not only can the flooring enhance comfort, hygiene and acoustic performance, it can really help with the overall look and ambience of a hotel, making the guests feel welcome. Whether it’s a feeling of cosiness, grandeur or ultra-modernism, flooring can add a little something extra.

As time has progressed the status of Hotels have also changed. They have become a status symbol for some which means architects and interior designers are creating designs that truly impress their guests. Did you know that we have moved beyond the traditional 5 stars and entered 7-star category? With hotels looking to impress and leave their guests in a state of ‘wow’ they must install truly stunning flooring that complements the design and aesthetics.

This is where Dickson Woven Flooring comes into its own. Dickson woven flooring from our INTRAweave range embodies style, functionality, and reliability. They have gained 180 years of knowledge and globally recognised expertise in working for the most demanding environments including Commercial Offices, Healthcare, Retail and, Leisure locations, Public Buildings, and high profile Residential schemes. This means that Hotels are well within their remit.

A room’s personality is created by the flooring that is installed. It is therefore only natural to want the flooring to last as long as possible and to be easy to maintain. This means choosing the right colours and materials is paramount. For 2017, the brand has developed an innovative collection inspired by the latest graphic and colourful trends to create 42 variants in six different product ranges: Be Smart, Be Natural, Be Optic, Be Easy, Be Tweed and Be Different. Using innovations in weave technology and revolutionary fibres, the users can create looks for varying perspectives depending on the intensity of the light and their location.

There is a definite gap in the market for high-end flooring in hotels, and as mentioned earlier reception areas can greatly benefit from Dickson’s Woven Range. INTRAweave’s Dickson range can truly impresses guests and creates a classy environment. Treat your hotels to high quality woven flooring, call Intrasystems today.