Flooring obviously plays a major part in any building and businesses invest a lot of time, effort and capital into choosing the right flooring for their premises. As we know from our previous blog, flooring is the first thing noticed by 42 percent of people who enter a building. There are different ways a floor can wear from general traffic flattening the fibres/weave to wheeled traffic causing damage, either way flooring that is badly maintained can be an eye sore and create unnecessary health and safety issues. This week blog will look into this in more detail and explain what the ware ratings are and how you can be sure you are using a product that complies with all regulations and help create a positive impression on your visitors, staff and clients.

The problem is that flooring gets walked upon and are subject to a variety of traffic, this can cause the flooring to wear quicker. As mentioned above there are different types of wearing for example discolouration, the weave getting thinner or the product disintegrating. For any sector keeping your premises in the best condition is in your best interest, installing products that are wear certified is a start.

What does this mean?

Each product needs to meet regulatory requirements that make the product suitable for any environment. The European standard establishes a classification system based on the level of wear.

Woven from revolutionary vinyl and combined with high performance backing Dickson woven flooring is extremely tough-wearing.  It has been designed to meet heavy use classification criteria, and is subjected to standardsed tests that reproduce the same tough conditions as the situations in which they are intended for. Dickson Woven Flooring is unique and simple to maintain, due to its close weave design and impermeable structure. All our collections have been approved for 33 classification which stands for Heavy commercial traffic. This is the highest classification for textile flooring adding to its tough rating. The flooring also has ISO 2551 which offers dimensional stability making it an ideal product for high end application.

The woven structure of Dickson® flooring naturally prevents slipping, making it particularly appropriate for public buildings where safety standards often determine the materials decorators can use.

Dickson flooring provides an innovative textile solution at the leading edge of the interior design, which is perfectly adapted to the most demanding environments in terms of practicality and durability. With 180 years’ experience in the industry, you can be sure the product will not let you down. Take design and creativity to the next level and change your view of flooring, contact INTRAsystems today or click here to download the product brochure.