Installing Woven flooring in any commercial office space, retail environment or hotel rooms is a major decision, one that requires a lot of thought by the architects, designers, and management. There are so many criteria that must be met such as the colour scheme being in line with brand, ease of install, competitive costing and much more. With so many types of woven vinyl flooring to choose from things can get quite overwhelming. This blog will focus on Woven Vinyl Flooring by Dickson and help you understand the advantages of woven flooring and how to overcome any perceived disadvantages.

What are the advantages of Woven Vinyl Flooring?

Let’s go through the advantages of woven flooring. Firstly, Woven flooring provides a slightly softer surface than options like tile or wood because most of our products are backed with a layer of highly durable foam, this makes walking on the surface more comfortable.  Secondly, Woven vinyl wears incredible well, Dickson flooring consists of Colourfast technology which makes it highly durable, even when exposed to intensive sunlight, Dickson® flooring retains its gorgeous original colours. Thirdly, Dickson® flooring has excellent flame resistance. Our products have been successfully tested and certified in accordance with European (EN 13501-1) and American (ASTM E 648) fire safety standards. Fourthly, moisture is not a problem for Dickson® flooring. It is waterproof, rotproof and ultra-stable. It is perfectly suitable for kitchens, bathrooms, etc. Finally, all our collections have been approved for 33 – Heavy commercial traffic. This is the highest classification for textile flooring.

How to overcome perceived disadvantages of Woven Vinyl Flooring?

Some standard woven products can appear outdated which can put clients/visitors off. The solution to this is to implement ShapeLab technology by Dickson which means you can free yourself from standard layouts or complement them by mixing products to create rhythm, perspectives and reflections to transform interiors. You can create six different patterns and give your floor the change it deserves. These patterns are; ‘Random Joints Pattern’ ‘Herringbone Pattern’ ‘Monolithic Pattern’ ‘Checkerboard Pattern’ ‘Diamond Cube Pattern’ and ‘Hexagonal Pattern’.

Some Woven flooring can fray, which can be an eyesore and also cause a trip hazard. Dickson product comes with FrayGuard technology which prevents this from happening. (we’ve written a blog on this, check it out) The FrayGuard® technology developed by Dickson combats the common phenomenon of fraying when cutting the material and so boosts the durability of the weave. It guarantees clean-cut edges for fast, efficient and impeccable installation.

Carpet is often perceived as being essential for acoustic reasons in offices however, with Dickson woven flooring its Soundguard technology provides excellent acoustic performance making it ideal for office use.

Woven flooring can be difficult to clean and although the structure of the weave makes it appear to have gaps where dust can get trapped, the assembly process used by Dickson guarantees an easy to clean surface due to the warp and weft yarns which are heat-sealed together and assembled to the backing while they’re still hot to prevent the penetration of any dirt or liquids in between the fibres, this means any dirt remaining on the surface of the flooring easy to clean.

Overall Dickson woven flooring provides a valuable proposition one that combines 180 years of experience, award winning products and industry knowledge. The range combines the remarkable durability of vinyl with the aesthetic appeal and texture of traditional carpeting.

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