Healthcare facilities have the responsibility of caring for patients and improving their health. Along with doctors and medical staff, the institutions are required to maintain a healthy and safe atmosphere inside their premises.

According to CDI research, 43 percent of people look at the floors first when judging the building. This means that the flooring has a lasting impression on the end user. However, choosing the right flooring can be difficult, there are so many factors that need to be considered. For a private healthcare facilities, the aesthetics cannot be underestimated especially in reception areas where guests gain their first impressions of where they are about to be treated. Not only can the flooring enhance comfort, hygiene, and acoustic performance, it can really help with the overall look and ambience of a hospital, making the patients feel welcome.

Healthcare facilities are highly sterile environments and they need to use suitable flooring that offers total protection against dust and the ingress of foot borne moisture by keeping it outside the premises as well as adding toughness and longevity.

As a result of the sterile environment good indoor air quality is essential. The air we breathe affects both our health and our well-being, from minor disturbances, such as odours, skin, and eye irritations, to the development or aggravation of more serious ailments, such as respiratory allergies. Hospitals need to ensure such irritations are minimised

Independently tested and certified by the Resilient Floor Covering Institute (RFCI), Dickson® flooring meets the official emissions criteria for volatile organic components (VOC) and is recognized as contributing to good indoor air quality.

Dickson® flooring has also been awarded the Oeko-Tex 100 label certifying that they do not contain any toxic substances and do not represent any risks for human health, skin or the environment. Dickson® woven flooring ensures optimal quality sanitary conditions. Rotproof, antibacterial, and impervious to dust mites, mould spores and fungus, the impermeable surface makes it easy to keep clean and prevents tough to remove stains like coffee, wine, fruit jam, blood, etc.

To meet heavy use classification criteria, our flooring is subjected to standardized tests that reproduce the same tough conditions as the situations in which they are intended for. The European standard establishes a classification system based on the level of wear and requirements imposed on the areas where each type of flooring will be used. Overall Dickson woven flooring provides a valuable proposition one that combines 180 years of experience, award winning products and industry knowledge. The range combines the remarkable durability of vinyl with the aesthetic appeal and texture of traditional carpeting. The stunning designs of the Woven range can truly complement any healthcare facility and inject some life into the building. Call on of our sales members on 01425 472000 or email us on to find out how we can provide you with innovative and truly stunning woven flooring.