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Woven from revolutionary fibres, Dickson® Woven Flooring combines the remarkable durability of vinyl with the aesthetic appeal and texture of traditional carpeting.

A true technical innovation developed for the most demanding public areas, such as hotels, offices, shops, restaurants, etc., Dickson® flooring is durable, comfortable, easy to maintain and attractively designed.

Floors Play A Key Role In The Comfort Of A Room

To ensure optimum convenience and well-being, our R&D team has created ultra-smart flooring solutions using advanced technology: thermal and acoustic insulation, a non-slip surface that’s comfortable to walk on.

Exceptional Acoustic Insulation Capabilities

A leading-edge innovation, the SoundGuard® technology was specifically designed to improve comfort and noise absorption.

Dickson developed a high performance soundproof backing that effectively absorbs ambient noise and significantly reduces the transmission of impact noise.

Acoustic comfort is truly essential to people’s well-being and ideal for offices and hotels.

Exceptional Acoustic Insulation Capabilities

Be Optic

A twill effect, which can be subtle or more pronounced, according to the reflection from the intensity of light.

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Be Tweed

Be Tweed, a classic tweed effect offering an interesting mix of colours for a tactile depiction of a timeless texture. Designed for monolithic tile layouts, Be Tweed is the perfect solution for plain effects, particularly on raised flooring.

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Be Different

Inspired by men’s tweeds, Be Different is a range full of personality, its unique woven structure playing with the ambient light, creating original and distinctively different atmospheres.

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Be Smart

Thanks to its two-toned yarns, the Be Smart range offers exciting new rhythms to contemporary interiors.

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Be Easy

The Be Easy range is made of "faux-unis" with translucent threads slipped into the weave revealing subtle silvery reflections - which change depending on one’s perspective and the light’s intensity - giving the floor covering extraordinary depth.

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Be Natural

Naturally stylish, the Be Natural range is inspired by organic matter such as the sisal plant or bulrush.

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